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Dwyane Wade explains why he wears glasses with no lenses in them

Of all the fashion-forward NBA stars — and there are a ton of them, or at least a lot of players who believe they are on the forefront of fashion — Dwyane Wade ranks near the top of the list. Always looking dapper, Wade also is never afraid to stuff the envelope as it relates to his wardrobe choices. And it doesn’t stop with his outfits, either. It extends to how he chooses to accessorize said getups.

One of Wade’s more curious accessories is the lenses-free frames he is often seen wearing, something I imagine might irk folks who have to wear glasses not as a matter of style, but so they can read and not drive their car into oncoming traffic.

D-Wade was in NYC on Tuesday night to appear on a panel for ESPN The Magazine where fashion and sports and how they intertwine was addressed and Tony Manfred from Business Insider got the opportunity to discuss all things fashion with the Miami Heat superstar, in particular his interesting choices as they pertain to his non-necessary eyewear.

An excerpt from the interesting interview:

How have style and fashion changed since you came into the league?

There’s more risk. When I first came in guys were wearing these things called walkers. They weren’t even suits, they were these walker suits. I look back at that now I just cringe and say, “Oh my god I had those.” I had on them black, green, gray, I had solid, basic colors. Now you go in my closet, if you look on my side of my closet and my lady’s side of the closet, it’s not that far off. She got orange pants, I got orange pants. She got pink pants, I got pink pants.

Just in terms of your color palette?

The color palette changed so much. Like I said, it can be something simple as my stylist might lay out an all-black suit and say, “Wear that.” Or she might lay something next to it and say, “Or you can wear the black jacket and you can throw on these color pants.” And I’m like, “I’m gonna go with them color pants with the black jacket.” Just to throw it off a little bit.

Why the glasses with no lenses?

Just something to do.

Just something to do?

Just something to do.

And there you have it, ladies and gents: Wade wears glasses with no lenses in them because it’s something to do. Who knows what offbeat fashion decision he will make next just because it’s “just something to do.”

(Q) “Hey, D-Wade, why are you wearing trousers for a shirt, a blazer as pants, shoes as gloves and a baseball cap as a codpiece?”

(A) “Just something to do.”

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