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Dwight Howard says he was on the toilet when earthquake hit L.A. (video)

“The turd was this big”

Lakers center Dwight Howard is new to the west coast and Los Angeles, so it is likely that he is not familiar with exactly what occurs when an earthquake hits. And even though the tremors that hit the Los Angeles area early Monday morning only registered a lackluster 3.2 on the Richter Scale, for someone not accustomed to feeling the ground move under one’s feet, I imagine it came as a shock to Howard. At least he was sitting in an appropriate seat at the time should the earthquake, uh, frighten the NBA star and knock a little something loose, if you know what I mean.

Howard told TMZ that he was “on the toilet” when the earthquake hit, adding that the tremors knocked him right off the commode.

So, Howard was taking a crap when the earthquake occurred. Good to know that he doesn’t just do it on Orlando Magic fans and that the act actually serves a bodily purpose for him.