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Donovan McNabb catches on with a new NFL team…at NFL Network

Shockingly, given how horribly he performed over his past few seasons, NFL teams showed little to no interest in Donovan McNabb during the offseason, and now that rosters are effectively set heading into opening weekend, it has been announced that the former NFL quarterback is signing on with a different kind of NFL team…as a contributor to NFL Network on its program,¬†Playbook, as well as in other unspecified capacities.

Other information gleaned from McNabb representative Mark Lepselter by TMZ:

Lepselter says Donovan is serious about his new gig … telling us, “[Broadcasting] is something¬† that he is going to devote 100% of his attention to.

“With that said, he does have some other areas in his life that he wants to pursue in this next phase … business interests … real estate in particular.”

Well, if McNabb devotes the same level of attention to his burgeoning broadcasting career that he appeared to give to his quarterbacking, I expect to see him coming up way short in his efforts, much like the balls he routinely skipped to wide open receivers during the latter stages of his career.