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A bit of the old NBA ultra-violence: Five minutes of flagrant fouls, anyone? (vid)

Just because the flagrant foul is the most egregious, over-the-top and dirty act a player can commit on a basketball court against his opponent, that does not mean viewing nearly five minutes of some of the best samples of said affronts to fair, decent and honorable game play the NBA has had to offer over the years is not a delight to watch.

And with the NFL season kicking off Wednesday evening, it’s a safe bet that our thirst for dirty clotheslines, vicious elbows and other assorted on-field (or in this case, on-court) brutality is at an all-time high and cannot be quenched. With that in mind, we might as well satiate our hunger for unadulterated bloodlust, I say, NBA-style.

So, in a nod to A Clockwork Orange’s sociopath Alex, head on over to the Korova milkbar for some milk-plus, sharpen yourselves up and make yourself ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence. Enjoy.