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US Open ball boy takes a bit of a tumble during Federer-Phau match (video)

As Cosmo Kramer showed us in that one Seinfeld episode — and why shouldn’t fictional characters on old television shows be able to provide valuable lessons so long as I can incorporate them into a dated pop culture reference — it’s that anybody with enough heart, grit and determination can earn a spot on the ball boy and girl staffs at the US Open.

But no matter the inner drive and ball-snagging skills possessed by these dedicated ball wranglers, mistakes and errors, slip-ups and total wipeouts inevitably are bound to occur.

Such was the case during Thursday’s second round match between Roger Federer and¬†Bjorn Phau at¬†Arthur Ashe Stadium, when a ball boy, after scooping up a ball on the baseline, loses his footing and goes flailing into the hard court surface.

Yeah, that look like it hurt, even without the humiliation of taking such a spill in front of thousands of people in person and who knows how many people watching on TV. But as you can see as the video above ends, the ball boy appears no worse for wear as he trots back to a station behind the baseline, even managing to crack a smile in spite of his embarrassing experience. What a trooper.