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‘The American Bible Challenge’ game show has new bit: ‘The Eye of the Tebow’ (video)

In case you do not happen to be a fan of biblical-themed game shows — and frankly, how dare you — the Game Show Network’s brand-new-holy series, The American Bible Challenge, hosted by none other than Jeff Foxworthy, aired its second episode and in it, a new challenge was introduced.

And yesiree, it was lame. So, so lame. On so many levels. So many, many levels.

The new challenge combined scripture and everybody’s favorite Christian football-playing icon: New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow…except that it kind of did not feature Tebow in a manner of speaking. But more on that later.

The new bit was dubbed “The Eye of the Tebow.” The premise being that contestants had to fill in the blanks of passages from the Bible that were inspired by the the verses that Tebow routinely referenced on his eye black during his playing days at Florida and contestants were provided a visual aid of said eye black scripture verses.

That brings us to the way in which the challenge didn’t technically feature Tebow. Instead of the the quarterback’s majestic face being place up on the video screen, it was Jeff Foxworthy wearing scripture-referencing eye black. Yeah. Foxworthy, as quick on his feet as they come, even cracked a joke about the sans-Tebowian image, saying, “You know, I never realized Tim Tebow was so good looking. He’s always got that helmet on,” before adding, “That is a handsome man right there.” Funny stuff. In fact, you could say you might be a redneck…never mind.

Anyway, I am sure that the new challenge surely will delight the tens of  people who love Bible trivia and NFL football stars who tune in to watch average Americans engage in Bible challenges of some sort or another. Actually, as either a sad commentary on the viewing habits of Americans, an indication that there really isn’t anything good on television ever or that we are in fact a deeply spiritual society who will flock to a Christian-themed game show, it was reported by Broadcasting & Cable that 2 million viewers watched the series premiere last week. Perhaps we aren’t all smarter than a 5th grader.