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Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is one accomplished videobomber (photos)

If most NFL fans are of the opinion that preseason games are an exercise in mind-numbing banality, one can only imagine how starters and players whose roster spots are secure on NFL squads must feel. Starters nearly spend more time feigning interest on the sidelines during most preseason games, a situation that only grows worse with the fourth preseason games, where starters and regulars don’t even bother to put on pads and are forced to stand idly by resembling high school football players wearing their jerseys to classes on game day while those on verge of being cut play their hearts out in an excruciatingly below-average display of competent competition.

But the free time on the sidelines does afford the higher-ups on NFL rosters some time to engage in some tomfoolery, something that Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews — he of the flowing mane of blond locks — took advantage of during his team’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday in the squads’ final tune-up before the regular season kicks off next week.

And how did he do that? Videobombing interviews of his teammates, evidence of which can be seen above, where Matthews locks his piercing glaze upon the interview, and below, where he videobombs an Aaron Rodgers interview, in picturesque form.

Well done, Mr. Matthews. A well-executed demonstration of the exquisite art that is the videobomb by the linebacker. I especially admire Matthews’ use of the camera. Who knew videobombing could incorporate the skill of prop comedy? Matthews is like the Carrot Top of videobombing, although that necessarily might not be such a good thing.