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Marco Scutaro’s mid-game jersey switch causes wardrobe malfunction (video)

And no, that does not mean one of Marco Scutaro’s nipples were mistakenly exposed, although that would have been some pretty funny and controversial stuff had it happened.

While playing a game in the sweltering heat of Houson during a game against the Astros on Thursday night, infielder Marco Scutaro made what originally appeared to be a seemingly innocuous decision to switch out his sweat-soaked jersey for a dry one during the fourth inning. Unfortunately for Scutaro, he put on the team’s alternate Sunday road jersey which bears a “SF” logo on it when he should have donned the one of the Giants’ normal road jerseys which have  “San Francisco” in all caps across the chest.

So there he was, trotting out to cover second base in the bottom of the 4th wearing the wrong jersey.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“I didn’t notice it until I was in the dugout,” Scutaro said. “Well, I figured it would be one inning and nobody would notice. … I guess everybody did, even those guys on the other team. But it was good – rally jersey.”

Indeed it was a rally jersey, because in the top of the 5th inning, the Giants scored three runs, with Scutaro hitting a single.

In the end, with Scutaro wearing the correct jersey for the balance of the game,  the Giants went on to win the game and complete the sweep against the hometown Astros. And to be fair to Scutaro, he was just recently traded to the Giants by the Colorado Rockies on July 27, so perhaps he’s still getting his bearings, acclimating himself to his new surroundings and familiarizing himself with the team. And its road uniforms.

[image via Yahoo!]