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Houston Astros SS Marwin Gonzalez hits first base bag, takes flight (video)

In today’s second serving of video oddity from Thursday night’s Houston Astros-San Francisco Giants tilt — Marco Scutaro’s amusing wardrobe malfunction being the other — here we find shortstop Mawin Gonzalez’s unbelievable aerial escapades.

While trying to leg-out an infield single in the 9th inning after the ball caromed off Giants pitcher Javier Lopez’s foot directly to third baseman Pablo Sandoval, the pinch-hitting Astros shortstop touched down strangely on the first base bag, only for the misstep to cause Gonzalez to go flailing in the air before landing in a heap of crumpled humanity in what appeared to be serious injury-causing play.

Thankfully, Gonzalez was able to walk off under his own power and according to Astros manager Tony DeFrancesco, the injury looked far worse than it turned out, as Gonzalez surprisingly only suffered a sprained ankle and is considered day to day. But with the horrible season the Astros are experiencing, maybe taking some extra time to allow the ankle to heal wouldn’t hurt.