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Whatever was going on here in the Royals dugout, it was inappropriate (animated GIF)

It is a safe assumption to make that oftentimes, the sort of hijinks that do occur within the confines of a major league dugout during a ballgame are typically not appropriate for viewing by the general public. Which is why whatever antics are being perpetrated by Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Aaron Crow (#43) and starting pitcher Vin Mazzaro (#32) during a tilt against the Detroit Tigers are probably wholly inappropriate, but the demonstration nevertheless  remains a sight to see.

Animated GIF goodness follows.

Alrighty then. While it is impossible to definitively ascertain exactly what is transpiring here, it is pretty clear it’s not the kind of thing kids should be watching. But then again, it was a Royals game in late August, so it’s unlikely anyone in the Kansas City broadcast area was paying attention.

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