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This photo of Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els as awkward teenagers is beyond brilliant

No, the photo above is not of professional golf titans Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els as awkward teenagers — duh — I’m simply building up the drama before the big reveal below of a photo that recently has surfaced of a 14-year-old FIGJAM and a 15-year-old version of The Big Easy posing with their trophies following theĀ 1984 World Junior Championship at Torrey Pines by illustrating just how much — or how little, depending on your perspective — these two have changed since all those years ago when they were nothing more than scraggly-haired, gangly teenagers all those years ago.

Oh man. That is awesome. Look at those two kids. Ah yes, 1984, I was a young boy at that time — although much younger than these two — and let me assure you that in every single photo from that era, all boys look exactly like these two goofy teens. Hardly seems fair to look back upon that era — and the images from it — and laugh. But we should do so anyway. These guys are millionaires many times over and no one should be concerned that either Els or Mickelson would be the slightest bit embarrassed over this photo. They can wipe their tears with wads of cash, I’m sure.

And for the record, as most of you can likely deduce by the size of their respective trophies, Els got the better of Mickelson on that day. But both have had tremendously successful careers since their gawky teen years — although Els has had a better run this year with his come-from-behind victory at The Open Championship than the struggling Mickelson — I’m sure both of them would have quite the laugh over this time capsule photo, just as we are.

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