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Squirrel adorably interrupts tennis match at US Open (video)

Evoking memories of the madcap antics of the “Rally Squirrel” from the 2011 National League Divisional Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies, a squirrel briefly interrupted a US Open match between Julien Benneteau and Olivier Rochus on two separate occasions.

The rascally rodent’s meandering and amusing trip about the playing surface of Court 11 was chronicled by the New York Post as follows:

France’s Julien Benneteau (pictured) was leading Olivier Rochus of Belgium, 7-6 and 3-1 in the second set when the frisky rodent suddenly appeared on the DecoTurf court and won oohs and ahs from fans as he darted back and forth.

The squirrel disappeared and play resumed — only to be halted again when he briefly returned to the court., before finding a hole in a chain-link fence and vanishing into the wilds of Flushing Meadows.

 As you can see in the video below, ball boys and/or ball girls did their best to get rid of the varmint and dispatch it from the premises with attempts to frighten the squirrel by throwing tennis balls at it, which only led to the animal darting about in an even more chaotic manner instead of expelling it from the court surface.

Ha. Animals interrupting sporting events. It’s never not funny and is always a welcome sight. That is unless in some future occurrence said animal is infested with rabies and viciously attacks one of the athletes. That, my friends, would not be as funny. Something to think about while you’re chuckling at this presumably non-rabid creature.

Finally, if you ask me, instead of allowing the squirrel to become a distraction, allow it to go about its business. Live and “let” live, I say. And yes, that’s the only tennis pun I could come up with at this point in time. And yes again, it was a forced effort. Of course you have to get that squirrel off the court. Otherwise, somebody could get hurt, and who’s “fault” would that be?

Ha ha. Sneaked one more in there on you.

[Video via Gothamist]