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Photo: Boy, Indians fans really packed the ballpark today (spoiler: they did not)

Goodness gracious, Cleveland Indians fans. That’s Major League-level apathy right there. The photo, courtesy of a tweet from’s Zack Meisel at 12:02 p.m. for a 12:05 game at Progressive Field for a matinee against the Oakland Athletics (Meisel tweets that he counted 1,555 fans in the crowd), pretty much provides photographic evidence that the entire city of Cleveland has once again given up completely on the Tribe. Not that anyone should blame them.

The Indians, going nowhere again with a 55-75 record, have only the woeful Minnesota Twins to thank for saving them from the indignity of sitting in the AL Central cellar, arguably the worst division in baseball.

But hey, they’ll get ’em next year, right? Right? Remember, in spring, hope springs eternal. Just for said hope to turn into bitter disappointment. And less than 2,000 fans attending a meaningless August baseball game.