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Nightmare Fuel: Golden State’s Harrison Barnes dressed up as ‘Cat in the Hat’ (pic)

GAH! That is downright terrifying, kiddos. Speaking of kiddos, one would think that the first priority any time a professional athlete makes an appearance where he or she is interacting with children — in this case a reading of   The Cat in the Hat by Golden State Warriors rookie small forward Harrison Barnes — would be to not scare the ever-living crap out of them.

Speaking of crap, methinks at least a few of the youngsters who attended the event had trousers filled with something that appeared grossly similar to green eggs and ham. Sam I am.

For an additional slice of Nightmare Fuel badness, Barnes himself tweeted an up-close photo of him in Cat in the Hat face paint. Those brave enough can take a gander below:

Via @HBarnes:

Goodness gracious. That’s some frightening stuff. If there ever were a serial killer inspired by Seussian books, this is about how I imagine what he would look like.

Geez, those poor little rugrats at the reading. They’ve probably been turned off of Dr. Seuss for the rest of their youth.