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Lindsay Lohan spotted partying with ex-Yankees players you’ve never heard of

Lohan, in better times

According to a report from the gossip pages of the New York Daily News, Lindsay Lohan is evidently continuing her downward spiral into complete irrelevancy — or spit out the bottom of the porn industry– as she was spotted hitting the town and boozing it up with two former New York Yankees players whose names only serious baseball fans might be familiar with.

Via the New York Daily News:

On Tuesday she was spotted with former Yankees Pat Kelly and Shane Spencer at Dorrian’s, the upper East Side bastion of prep school kids, downing vodka-and-sodas and even jumping on the mic for some karaoke.

In case you’re wondering, Lohan’s song of choice for her karaoke jam was “You and I” by Lady Gaga. Makes sense. Or it doesn’t. Don’t really care.

What makes this story perhaps more amusing than a drunk Lindsay Lohan cavorting with Yankees players is the fact of the lack of star quality in the ballplayers Lohan attracts. In her heyday, she might have been able to garner the attention of a Yankees star or at least someone currently playing for the team. Now? It’s Pat Kelly and Shane Spencer, ballplayers who last were seen on a major league team’s roster in 1999 and 2004, respectively. Lohan is really slumming these days in order to hang out with celebrities, if that word is even applicable to Pat Kelly and Shane Spencer.

And speaking of those two baseball players with middling careers at-best in the big leagues nearly a decade ago in one case and over a decade ago in the other, aren’t they a bit too old to be hanging out with the 26-year-old Lohan? I mean she’s damaged goods and all and has seen more trouble than a 40-year-old recovering meth addict former prostitute who has lived her entire life in a trailer park, but come on, guys. These two are poor excuses for former Yankees players and are not representing the Yankee pinstripes well with these kind of antics. Do you think ex-Yankee Jim Leyritz would conduct himself in such a disgraceful manner?

Okay, Leyritz is a poor example. Obviously. But how about Scott Broisus? Do you think they’d be seen whooping it up with some mid-20s floozy? Doubt it. Or maybe he would. I don’t know Scott Brosius that well. Or at all.