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Bruce Lee bobblehead kicks the crap out of other bobbleheads in Giants promo (vid)

On Tuesday, Sept. 4 with the Arizona Diamondbacks in town, the San Francisco Giants will hold “Bruce Lee Tribute Night” at AT&T Park to honor one of city’s most iconic figures. Lee, the martial arts superstar, was born in San Francisco in 1940 in a Chinatown hospital, and although his family did move back to Hong Kong when Bruce was only three months old, Lee returned to San Francisco when he was 18 and remained a favorite son of San Francisco for his entire life and after his mysterious and too-soon death in 1973.

The tribute night and the associated festivities is partially described as follows on the Giants’ official site:

2012 serves as the “Year of the Dragon”, so what better way to celebrate than to honor the life and times of The Dragon himself, Bruce Lee? Lee, a San Francisco native, went on to become arguably the most renowned martial artist of all time, and the Giants would like to recognize that! By sharing his knowledge and skills throughout the world, Lee became not only a master, but an icon. Shannon Lee, Bruce’s daughter, will be in attendance to perform the National Anthem, with Linda Lee Cadwell, who was married to Bruce up until the time of his passing, to throw out the ceremonial First Pitch.

But what will make the evening an event to remember is that the Giants will be handing out Bruce Lee bobbleheads, and if the promotional spot made for the Bruce Lee bobblehead is any indication, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to allow the bobblehead version of Lee to interact with any other bobbleheads in your house, because even if Bobblehead Lee is outnumbered, it will bust out the Kung Fu and unleash hell upon your assortment of collectibles.

Such shocking brutality. But you know what? They all had it coming. Stupid bobbleheads not knowing who they were messing with.

Here’s my question: would the outcome of the brouhaha ended any differently had there been a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar bobblehead among the shaking head army?nOf course not, people. Haven’t you seen Game of Death?