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Yadier Molina plowed over in violent home plate collision, miraculously survives (video)

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina somehow escaped serious injury and has been classified as only day-to-day with neck, shoulder and back injuries after a violent collision at home plate with Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Josh Harrison during the second inning of the teams’ game on Tuesday night.

Molina was forced to leave the game after the play but impressively managed to hold on to the ball despite being rolled over by something akin to a out-of-control freight train.

Following the game, Molina said about the play that he “never saw the guy coming.” Molina claimed he was “concentrating on catching the ball,” and added, “I never saw him coming, but the real pain was in my head.” I bet.

In an eerie coincidence, the above collision occurred eight years to the day of another home plate rundown he was party to while playing a game at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park. Said Molina on the bizarre kwinky-dink: “It’s unbelievable. That’s life. That’s baseball, too. It’s unbelievable. Same date. It’s crazy.”

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