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Chicks, Man

Nothing to see here, just Hope Solo posing naked on some residential street (SFW photo)

ESPN’s E:60 — it’s kinda like 60 Minutes, but about sports and stuff with an “E” in its name instead of “Minutes” — aired a story about US women’s soccer goalie Hope Solo and her appearance in the most recent edition of ESPN The Magazine’s “The Body Issue.”

During some point in the report, video was aired of Solo posing on some residential street, strategically covering up her breasts and standing sideways to hide her naughty bits.

The best part — save for the, you know, whole Hope Solo posing naked part — is the random person in the background who appears to be watering the street. What a waste of resources. Is there not watering restrictions in that neighborhood? Gee whiz.

[via @cjzero, by way of SportsGrid]