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When Joe Johnson found out he was traded by the Hawks, he traded himself on ‘NBA2K’

On July 11, 2012, dynamic swingman Joe Johnson was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, leaving the Atlanta Hawks, the team he had suited up for the  last 7 NBA seasons.

Hearing news that one’s life has been completely uprooted based only on the whims and hunches of a bunch of guys in suits that run NBA teams must be a bit disconcerting at first, but if you ask Johnson, he simply rolled with it, but he did have one thing he had to do immediately after finding out he’d been dealt. And it all had to do with his video game persona.

From an interview Johnson did with Zack Lowe from Sports Illustrated:

Johnson: Yeah. So around noon, I’m sitting there playing a video game, and I look at ESPN, and there it is: “Breaking news.” And I had just gotten off the phone with them! Well, I guess they were basically done by the time they called you — or very close.

Johnson: Yeah, they were done by then, and I guess they wanted to call and tell me. But it’s no hard feelings. I’m fortunate enough to be coming to a great situation, to play with a great point guard and a great big man. What video game were you playing?

Johnson: NBA 2K. And were you playing with the Hawks? Did you immediately reset and switch to the Nets?

Johnson: [Laughing] Me and my home boy, we just kind of sporadically pick teams — we kind of just close our eyes and pick one. But I did go right away and trade myself to the Nets, and I’ve been playing with them since.

 Awesome. I’ve often wondered what it must be like to attain such a level of excellence in your job that you get to play a video game version of yourself. Usually, that’s reserved for athletes, obviously, but I figure there are other jobs out there where a person can perform their vocational duties in video game form, although it seems that kind of video game was more in style in the ’80s. Paperboy, for instance. A diner cook in Burger Time. Plumber? The original Mario Bros. A knight battling his foes while riding a flying ostrich? Joust.

Alright, alright. Maybe not Joust. At least that has been the case since the Dark Ages ended.

One last one: a person addicted to popping pills and suffering from hallucinations? Pac-Man, of course. Okay, being a pill-popper isn’t a vocation per se, but I imagine securing all those pills is a full-time job.