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Toby Gerhart once got one of Adrian Peterson’s sports cars stuck in the snow

To the outsider who resides in warmer climes than those found in the Land of 10,000 Lakes Winter Weather Advisories, I imagine a typical Minnesota winter generally is viewed as something of an extremely unpleasurable experience, not a fitting environment for the average person. Most people probably equate it to the harsh and cruel weather found North of the Wall on Game of Thrones. But no, there is no Night’s Watch, no Wildlings and thankfully, no appearances by the White Walkers up in these here parts.

But as a lifelong Minnesotan, I can tell you that winters are nowhere close as bad as perceived, although some are more unpleasurable than others. So, it comes as no surprise that in 2010, when California kid Toby Gerhart was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings to back up Adrian Peterson, he had no idea what the harsh Minnesota winters had in store for him during his rookie season.

You see, the winter of 2010 was particularly brutal in nature. In fact, it was downright terrible. That winter season was punctuated by the collapse of the Metrodome’s roof in December after a heavy snowfall — even for these parts — so the fact that Gerhart had difficulty navigating the hostile terrain makes perfect sense, especially in light of the fact it was likely his first experience dealing with the kind of elements that typify winter way up north here.

Gerhart joined Chris & Ben on XTRA Sports Radio in San Diego to discuss Adrian Peterson’s miraculous comeback from his devastating injury and he regaled the radio jocks with a story about just how bad his first Minnesota went:

On getting stuck in the snow with Adrian Peterson’s car his first winter in Minnesota:

“I didn’t have a car up here just yet and so I was borrowing one of Adrian’s cars. It was this little sports car. And I didn’t even realize it snowed until I opened the garage, and I was like, ‘Oh no, I’m in trouble.’ I decided I didn’t want to drive. I tried to call a couple guys — nobody answered. And I was a rookie, I was scared to be late to meetings so I was like, ‘All right, I gotta just try to go for it.’ And I was slipping and sliding the whole way and couldn’t make it up the last little hill into the facility.”

Even the most experienced Minnesota driver can get themselves in a whole mess of trouble dealing with the icy, snowy roads, so if I were Gerhart, I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. And as Gerhart stated later in the interview, Peterson had a lot of cars, so being down one auto until the tow truck driver could come and rescue the snowbound vehicle was nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

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