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It’s only preseason, but Titans fans are letting their freak flags fly (photo)

Hey, why so glum, guys? Your Tennessee Titans squad is winning…a meaningless preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals that saw punt returner Marc Mariani break both his tibia and fibula in a horrific, grisly scene. Oh, and you guys presumably also paid full price for those tickets, as in the same amount for a regular season game that, you know, meant something.

I guess I can understand why you two fellas look so glum. But hey, you both look great. Love the mutton chops. Really compliment the spandex tuxedo thingy you’re rocking.

And blue spandex man with the crazy orange wig? To be honest, you kinda frighten me. That entire getup is the kind of thing I imagine The Gimp would wear to a Halloween party. Yeah.

[image via @cjzero]