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How the heck did Miguel Cairo miss tagging the runner on this bunt attempt? (vid)

In one of the more baffling plays of recent memory, Cincinnati Reds infielder Miguel Cairo somehow missed tagging Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Kevin Frandsen during the 9th inning of Thursday’s game when everyone in the ballpark knew Frandsen was going to lay down a bunt.

Even worse, from the looks of the replays, all Cairo had to do was simply stick out his glove and allowing Frandsen to run into it. It’s almost as if it required Cairo to put forth some level of conscious effort to miss the tag on Hardsen.


Man, that’s harsh. But in the end, it was all for naught, as the Phillies failed to score and break the tie, sending the game to extra innings, although Philly did ultimately prevail in the end on a walkoff single by John Mayberry Jr.’s in the 11th, an outcome that allowed some twit at MLB to offer up this idiotic tweet.