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Danica Patrick displays blogger potential with this dated pop culture reference

To riff on an old saying, “The true measure of a blogger is how lazily he utilizes an easy pop culture reference that does the story absolutely no good.”

Race car driver (you can tell I’m really into NASCAR by the way I describe her as a race car driver — Thanks, Primus!)  Danica Patrick showed some true blogging potential with her acumen for crafting a dated pop culture reference when discussing how a shoe might have derailed her chances of winning a Nationwide Series race last weekend after she ran over a sneaker when she was in the lead.

Said Patrick, as reported in USA Today:

“Who throws a shoe?” Patrick asked Friday in a faux English accent. “I mean, really?”

Yeahhhh, baby!!! Of course, that’s a reference to what Austin Powers says during his encounter with Random Task near the end of the first Austin Powers film after he’s hit with the villain’s shoe. Ha.

I’ll tell you this: if Patrick can somehow figure out a way to incorporate a Bozz Scaggs reference into her next press conference, there’s a guest editing job here for the taking for her at the Sportress.