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Kate Upton joins high school students to rake leaves in Brooklyn Park (photos)

So, it has come to this: working up posts about Kate Upton photo-ops. But if you’re patient, you will be rewarded with some hilarious quotes from a couple of the high school boys.

Miss Upton joined professional skateboarder Chaz Ortiz in Fort Green Park in Brooklyn as part of a community service project where high school students volunteered — which is often required as part of their high school curriculum — to rake leaves, shovel dirt and so on as part of cleaning up the park.

The event was organized by community group Stoked and skate company Zoo New York, a company that Kate Upton has worked with in the past, once doing a controversial ad for them that was banned by Adult Swim and MTV.

Additional photos of Kate follow, as well as those aforementioned quotes from some high school kids, one who was blown away by meeting Kate Upton, the other? Kind of, sort of, not really but yeah.

As always, Miss Upton looks great, and it sure looks like she can handle a rake. Which is nice since she was raking and stuff.

And now, those amusing quotes. First up, one kid who wasn’t impressed by Upton’s celebrity but couldn’t help but notice her attractiveness:

“That’s stupid. Famous people,” said Dominic Ming, 18, shaking his head. “She is hot, though.”

Finally, one kid who could not contain his excitement:

“She’s hot, she’s on the cover of my GQ magazine,” said Alonzo Jackson, 16, after posing with Upton. “And she’s naked [in the magazine shot].”

Ha. Awesome. Well, at least they could both agree that Kate Upton is hot. It’s good for kids to share similar interests when working together.

(for more on Kate Upton, click here. No I didn’t call you a moron, it’s just when you say “more on” out loud, it sounds like it)