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Cubs fan falls over railing trying to snag ball, leaves chunk of scalp in dirt (video)

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Leaving a chunk of your scalp on the playing surface while trying to snag a souvenir ball? So bad on so many levels.

Although the video does not provide the precise date and game during which this Chicago Cubs fan went all topsy-turvy, chunk-of-hair-losey, it’s reasonable to surmise that it occurred during the Cubbies’ recent series in Milwaukee against the Brewers. Still, the exact timing of the troubling event does not really matter in the grand scheme of things. The guy landed on his head so hard a chunk of scalp and hair remained stuck in the dirt, for crying out loud. Timing is irrelevant.

Video follows.

What appears to transpire in the video is an unfortunate sequence of events. The third base coach — believed to be the Brewers third base coach — flings a ball into the stands. The Cubs fan makes a real effort to grab the ball on the bounce after it came up woefully short, only to have the cruel mistress that is gravity get the better of him as he leaned over the railing, upending him and causing the poor sap to come crashing down on the top of his head.

Jeez Louise. The sad reality — for this poor Cubs fan — that this was considered the replay of the game only adds insult to injury, as it provided more folks an opportunity to identify him. Double ouch.

And speaking of its status as the replay of the game, thank goodness WGN took the time to air an extreme closeup of his suddenly departed chunk of hair and scalp:

Yeah, thanks a bunch for that.