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Wife of Brandon McCarthy pokes fun at husband, tweets joke about ExtenZe

The timing of the joke may be questionable, in light of the fact that Bartolo Colon, an Oakland A’s teammate of Brandon McCarthy was just suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball for testing positive for testosterone, but you cannot question the hilarity of what MLB WAG hottie Amanda McCarthy tweeted on Tuesday, cracking a joke about whether or not the use of ExtenZe by her husband could cause McCarthy some trouble.


Obviously, we all know what ExtenZe purports to do in the natural male enhancement department, so the fact that she managed to incorporate a veiled rip at, um, shall we say, uh, what her husband is packing and wrap it all up with a dig at the MLB drug policy in one fell tweet? Well, that’s prettay prettay prettay good.

[H/T Hardball Talk]