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Warren Sapp: Bill Belichick said he had an erection he wanted to draft me so badly

Warren Sapp, currently on a media blitz to promote his new tell-all autobiography, Sapp Attack, relayed an interesting story about how he was informed of the level of arousal he caused in then-Cleveland Browns head coach Bill Belichick, apparently by the mad genius-turned-Patriots coach himself.

According to Sapp, Belichick had a hard-on — supposedly literally — over the prospect of drafting the promising defensive lineman out of Miami, but former Browns personnel executive Mike Lombardi was against taking Sapp due to intelligence gathered by the Browns’ security department. So, once again, according to Sapp, here’s what Belichick told Sapp while meeting with him, as relayed by Sapp during an appearance Tuesday on ESPN Radio’s The Scott Van Pelt Show:

 “He said ‘I wanna draft you so bad that I have an erection right now.”

Whoa! Too much information, man!

Of course, the rest is history. Sapp was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, going on to have a brilliant career, Belichick’s head coaching stint with the Browns was short-lived and Sapp was now able to regale us with tales of Belichick’s supposed erection. Although, given Sapp’s penchant for saying stuff he shouldn’t, it’s reasonable to assume the veracity of the details related to Belichick’s supposed arousal level and the accuracy of Sapp’s recounting of the conversation is rock-hard, as it were.

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