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Twins OF Denard Span couldn’t go through with MRI because he’s too claustrophobic

Minnesota Twins outfielder Denard Span has missed eight straight games after an attempt at a falling catch Aug. 12 in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays left him with a sore clavicle and neck.

The Twins, suffering through a second dreadful season in as many years, scheduled Span for MRIs on both Monday and Tuesday, with Monday’s being for his neck and on Tuesday for his clavicle. But after his apparently frightening ordeal inside the MRI machine on Monday, Span could not go through with the MRI on Tuesday.

Admitting that he’s claustrophobic, Span said he “didn’t have enough Valium” to make it through a second exam. Appearing ashamed at the humiliation of it all, Span offered up the following explanation:

“I don’t know what else to say,” Span said. “It’s embarrassing that I couldn’t get it done today, but bottom line, I stayed there for an hour trying to get it done. Just couldn’t do it, man. I tried my best. When they strapped me in there and told me I couldn’t move for 35 minutes, I just couldn’t do it.”

Obviously, Span is not the first person to get freaked out by the prospects of being strapped inside one of those rather small MRI machines, but it’s amazing that he admitted it. Odds are the Twins would have covered for him in some capacity, so for Span to put it out there is surprising.

Thankfully for Span, while they are small and constrictive relative to the size of an adult male, I doubt fans at opposing ballparks will be able to sneak an MRI machine into the stadium in order to heckle the Twins outfielder for his admission of slight cowardice. That’s good.

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