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Roger Goodell banned from dining at Jonathan Vilma’s Miami BBQ joint (pic)

If NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ever has a hankering for some good BBQ grub while visiting Miami, he might as well cross Brother Jimmy’s BBQ off is list of potential eateries. Why? Because the restaurant has signs posted on the front door and throughout the dining room bearing the visage of Goodell with the all-caps message reading “DO NOT SERVE THIS MAN.”

The reason behind Goodell’s unusual ban from the BBQ joint arises from the fact that Jonathan Vilma, the suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker whose name has been front and center in the Bountygate case and who also currently is embroiled in a lawsuit against the commissioner in a defamation case, is a co-owner of the restaurant, along with Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams, Panthers linebacker Jon Beason, all Miami alums.

And while it has neither been confirmed nor disputed that Vilma is behind Goodell presumably being turned away at the door should he even try to dine there, it is safe to assume his fingerprints are somehow all over the creation of the signs.

This is almost as bad as when Kramer was banned from Joe’s fruit stand. I can almost imagine a dismayed and hungry Goodell, standing outside the BBQ joint, saying, “But what am I gonna do for ribs?”

[The Huddle, image via @JeremyIvans13]