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Let’s all laugh at this drunk White Sox fan dancing to Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge of Glory’ (vid)

If there’s one thing in this crazy, topsy-turvy world that we can always count on it is the near certainty that any time an inebriated and portly white guy wearing khakis elects to stand up and demonstrate that groove is indeed in the heart, those who are able to witness the sad sight are in for an awkward yet hilarious treat. And even better? That someone will be there to record it. Excellent.

Case in point: this guy. While attending a recent Chicago White Sox game at US Cellular Field, this rhythm-challenged soul cast his cares — and sadly, his dignity — aside, and while obviously unafraid of the potential consequences the spectacle may cause, chose to get up, with drink and hand, and boogie down to Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”

The tragic display of ill-advised body moving as explained above would have been bad enough on its own, but here’s the kicker that transforms this from awkward to borderline nightmare fuel: it’s what the man chooses to do with his free hand. While busting a move — I mean literally, the guy actually is breaking the art of dance, perhaps beyond repair  — he takes his left hand and repeatedly appears repeatedly slap his backside, perhaps to keep the beat, but then again, probably not. Not pretty.

But hey, you gotta hand it to the guy. His devil-may-care attitude fueled by booze provided ample entertainment for those seated around him. And in turn, has amused us as well. God bless the internet. And people who cannot help but humiliate themselves in public.