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Kobe Bryant caught talking on cell while driving a Ferrari on Cali freeway (pics)

Now, from SoB’s “This Is Actually News?” Team: photogs caught Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant cruising down the 405 in a $300,000 Ferrari on Monday while gabbing on his cell phone, which, according to TMZ, is “a major no-no in the state of California.”

Had Kobe been busted by the California Highway Patrol, he would have been subject to a $159 fine if this was his first offense, an amount I’m sure the Black Mamba could scrounge up from the floor of that impressive automobile he’s driving.

And while we would never condone irresponsible driving practices here at the Sportress, I have to say that this little item certainly qualifies as slow news day material, which I suppose means I am complicit in further propagating the story, so who am I to criticize?

Still, pretty sweet car, huh?

I wonder who he’s talking to. It’s probably Vanessa talking his ear off about whether or not he’s won a championship today.