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Fluffy lie: Bubba Watson hits ‘tee shot’ off a pillow for trick shot exhibition (vid)

Bubba Watson, this year’s Masters champion, has long been known as something of an oddball. Or, to put it more nicely, a “unique” fellow when compared to the stodgy types that populate the PGA Tour. He started a boy band with fellow Tour players, he goes golfing with Justin Bieber, owns a General Lee and has been known to upload silly videos of him goofing off to the internet.

Another one of those aforementioned silly videos recently has been uploaded by Watson, this one of Watson showing us how to drive a ball off a pillow, uh, in case you run out of tees during a round or something, I guess.

The neat little trick shot was done on the back porch of a house Watson is renting in Lloyd Harbour, NY, where he is in town for the Barclays. Pretty nifty, indeed. And it looks like he got good club on the ball, too. Perhaps continued antics like these will inspire some other person to get an awful Bubba Watson tattoo. Hopefully not but you never know.

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]