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Dolphins fan’s huge logo tattoo on back of his skull may soon be obsolete (pic)

Here’s a question: what is worse than a man making the questionable decision to get his favorite NFL team’s logo tattooed on the back of his skull? Simple. When said massive tattoo is of a logo that may soon be outdated. Yeah.

Meet Emmett Dove. He is (clearly) a die-hard fan of the Miami Dolphins, who, after the Fins started of the season 0-6 last year, made the strange decision to have the team’s logo permanently imprinted in ink upon the back of his skull. Dove recently uploaded the photo to his Twitter account, inquiring of Palm Beach Post’s Ben Volin the reporter’s thoughts on his sizable skull tattoo.

And while you cannot fault Dove for his passion and dedication to his football team, Unfortunately for him, had he read a  piece from Volin from earlier this summer, he would have learned — albeit a bit too late, in light of the timing of his tattoo — that the word is that the Dolphins organization are rumored to be considering an update to the team’s longtime logo, possibly as soon as the 2013 season. Ouch, and I’m not talking about the likelihood that getting a skull tattoo might be quite painful.

But I imagine Dove will roll with it and chalk up his ultimately antiquated logo tattoo as a sort of retro whimsy, a nostalgic nod to the halcyon days of old, if you will. Because I’m pretty sure there is no way in hell he’s having that bad boy removed.

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