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Bernie Brewer wishes Randy Wolf happy birthday, pitcher released shortly after

Bernie Brewer, perhaps plotting Milwaukee’s next roster move

You know how beleaguered coaches dread receiving a “vote of confidence” from a team’s owner in the press after the media has been stalking the coach like a wounded animal, soon to be put out of its misery? And more often than not, the so-called vote of confidence is merely a stalling tactic until the owner can lower the boom and dispatch of the struggling coach.

Apparently, in Milwaukee, there is something a little like that but it comes from an unlikely source. If Brewers team mascot Bernie Brewer wishes a player a happy birthday via his Twitter account, said player might as well pack his bags because before he knows it, he’ll be getting booted out the door.

At least that is how it went down for Brewers pitcher Randy Wolf on Wednesday.

Wolf probably was busy celebrating his 36th birthday on Wednesday and had he been on Twitter — and after a cursory look, it doesn’t appear he has an account, so odds are slim — he would have seen the following message from Bernie Brewer:

Sadly for Wolf, the birthday wishes from Bernie Brewer appeared to be something of a signal that the bell may have tolled for thee, as shortly thereafter, Bernie Brewer, being the bearer of bad news, tweeted the following:

Harsh, man. How could you, Bernie Brewer? Birthday wishes out of one side of his mouth, authorizing the hit on Wolf’s Brewers career out of the other? Unlikely, but possible. Who knows what kind of power that mustachioed mascot wields within the Brewers organization?

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