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Unable to ‘find some mellowness,’ Bryce Harper slams bat, breaking it (video)

After striking out in the 11th inning during an extra-inning affair against the Atlanta Braves on Monday, a frustrated and irate Bryce Harper violently slammed his bat into the ground after swinging and missing at an offering from Luis Avilan, snapping the bat in two.

This is the second time in August alone that Harper has taken out his frustrations of a chunk of lumber, so, indeed, it certainly seems that at least in those particular moments, the Washington Nationals rookie phenom clearly was unable to “find some mellowness”, something he mentioned he was seeking earlier this season.

Huh. Such anger. If AMC ever developed a show about Harper, I bet they would call it Breaking Bat. Sigh.

I don’t mean to take the young man to task, but that demonstration certainly shows that Harper is not following his own advice to “be as sexy as you can”, something he told some youngsters last week at a baseball camp.

Further, is this the kind of thing Pudgy Bryce Harper aspired to as a child? Doubt it.