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This just in: James Harden is awesome and his leopard print hat proves it (photo)

A recently tweeted photo making its way around the interwebs stars Oklahoma City Thunder star James Harden rocking it straight-up pimp style during what was identified on Twitter as an “all white yacht party.” And as you can see, Harden is indeed kicking it in white pants but for a dash of color, has added a leopard-printed hat and a bodacious gold chain to complete the ensemble that he showcases quite well surrounded by a gaggle of white-clad ladies. Man, now that’s livin’. I’m talking l-i-v-i-n livin’, not your standard, run of the mill livin’. I wonder if cake or fruit salad was served during the¬†festivities.

A series of tweets chronicled by The Basketball Jones gives every indication that this photo is indeed of Harden, that the all white yacht party was real, and it was spectacular.

On second thought, that’s actually just not livin’ — that’s livin’ large. Real large. Keep on rocking in the free world, James Harden. Your beard may be weird but your style is spectacular.