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Of course men’s ‘Steelers G String Thong Sexy Underwear’ are for sale on Etsy (pic)

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun at Etsy’s expense as it relates to the homemade, patently bizarre sports-themed crafts available for purchase on its website. The Tebowing Robot sculpture and the Jeremy Lin Photostitch Machine to name just a few.

Now, for the man who has everything that didn’t get his fill of homemade, off-putting Pittsburgh Steelers attire with the sequined Troy Polamalu basketball jersey, does Etsy have a treat for you.

For the reasonable price of only $15, a pair of “Mens Pittsburgh Steelers G String Thong Sexy Undewear” can be yours, with only the slight delay of shipping the item to his home preventing him from strapping on the Steelers thong, likely to the amusement and comfort of himself and definitely to the horror of the folks with whom he watches football games.

The listing on Etsy actually refers to the peculiar item as a gift idea for a bachelorette party, which makes about as much sense as, um, a man ordering and subsequently wearing a pair of Pittsburgh Steelers thong underwear. Jeez Louise, talk about a scary — and probably snug — slice of nightmare fuel.