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Nothing to see here, just Floyd Mayweather counting out $1M in cash (vid)

Uploaded to the interwebs on Aug. 21, the below video reveals quite succinctly not only how the better half live, but when they do, they do so large, in an over-the-top manner and don’t seem to mind rubbing people’s faces in their enormous wealth. At least that appears to be the case with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. In the video, the boxer counts out $1 million in straight cash homey while relaxing on a flight in his private jet. Must be rough.

Mayweather, who was released from a Las Vegas jail on Aug. 3 after serving a part of a┬áthree-month sentence related to a guilty plea in a misdemeanor domestic battery case which involved Mayweather attacking a former girlfriend, didn’t seem to suffer any cash flow problems as a consequence of his two-month incarceration, because he’s rolling in fat stacks of cash.

Huh. I just can’t quite wrap my brain around why people don’t like this guy.