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Maria Sharapova plays beer pong against Jimmy Fallon (video)


On Monday night’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the lovely and leggy Maria Sharapova not only showed off her amazingly stunning figure, but also showed off just how awful she is at Beer Pong while playing a match against the host.

For all her skills on the court, whether it be clay, grass or the hard court, Sharapova’s tennis talents clearly do not translate to the ping pong table surface, although it stands to reason that being immensely talented at tennis doesn’t necessarily mean one would excel at Beer Pong, so there you go.

Video of Miss Sharapova, who is an absolute vision while rocking an incredible ensemble of a black dress and high heels, follows.

Ha. Good stuff. The little highlight reel of Sharapova grunting during matches was a nice touch before the match-up, which reminded me of this “29 Moanings” post from last year which is nothing more than two-and-a-half minutes of Sharapova moaning. That’ll never hurt ya.

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