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Here’s a clip from Metta World Peace’s appearance on ‘Yo Gabba Gabba!’ (vid)

If you hadn’t heard, Metta World Peace and his daughter made an appearance on a recent episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!, the hit children’s show on Nick Jr.

What shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone is that Metta World Peace’s star turn on the show was very…Metta World Peace-y, which is about the only to describe anything about the peculiar basketball player.

Alrighty then. Two things of note leap right off the screen while watching this brief clip: World Peace’s short shorts and the way in which he starts off his race against  Toodee and Mrs. Fox (thanks, Sports Grid, for identifying these characters — I’m more of a Little Einsteins guy myself). Irrespective of his unorthodox running style, Metta World Peace ultimately wins the race, edging Toodee and the animated fox while making an especially grandiose display while crossing the finish line to take gold in the “Yo Gabbalympics.” Good for Metta, but in the end, even though World Peace may have won the race, we all have won simply due to the pleasure of viewing this clip. It’s quite bizarre, really.

[H/T Sports Grid]