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Scenes from a Packers game: Mohawked granny, Clay Matthews’ majestic hair (pics)

The Green Bay Packers played the Cleveland Browns in a preseason game on Thursday night and while Green Bay dropped its second-straight meaningless game by a score of 35-10 and the fact that the entire team has been mediocre at best thus far, nothing, I mean nothing, deters the hardcore Cheeseheads who back their beloved team.

How could a die-hard Packers fan not support the squad, even in bad times, when linebacker Clay Matthews continues to rock such an impressive display of hair befitting some kind of rock god. I mean, look at it. It’s as if those flowing locks are alive, like a greasy, sinewy mess of blonde serpents akin to Medusa’s more┬áslithery┬ásnake locks.

And if you think the follicle-based frivolity ended their during Thursday night’s football festivities, think again. Check out Granny, looking intimidatingly resplendent with her neck tattoos and multi-colored Mohawk:

Bad. Ass. Now that’s one woman I wouldn’t want to cross paths with in a darkened alley.

Granted, Granny Neck Tat Multi-Colored Mohawk is also showing her support for the Cleveland Browns, we all know when it comes down to it, she bleeds green and gold. Clay Matthews compels it.