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Paul ‘BizNasty’ Bissonnette did yoga with a Playboy model, so here (video/pics)

Phoenix Coyotes player Paul Bissonnette, who many of you may know by his BizNasty2point0 moniker on Twitter (an account well worth following by the way), has long been a favorite here at SoB, given the hilarious and outlandish tweets he has been known to unleash on the interwebs (“trim ur unit” and “panty soup” anyone?)

Given our affinity for the guy in mind, when you add that to the fact he did some yoga with a Playboy model and video of it is available through his web series with The Score, well, this was pretty much a no-brainer.

Bissonnette recently did some yoga training with Amy Lynn Grover, a renowned yoga expert from Canada, as well as television personality and Playboy model. Have a look-see, will you?

I also included some rather compelling photos of Miss Grover engaging in some wonderful yoga exercises, so that doesn’t hurt either. Enjoy.

Firstly, the video of BizNasty’s yoga training session:

And finally, the photos (click on images to enlarge):