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Kerri Walsh Jennings jacked as Misty May-Treanor gets her own Wheaties box (pic)

While it is not uncommon for athletes who reach the pinnacle of success to be memorialized on a box of Wheaties — it’s been going on for years and years — the recent announcement that beach volleyball multiple gold medalist Misty May-Treanor was receiving the honor of getting a Wheaties box of her own struck me as a bit strange. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that Kerri Walsh Jennings, May-Treanor’s longtime partner who was integral to the success of the duo, would be deserving of the same honor?

Without Walsh Jennings’ contributions, it is doubtful that May-Treanor would have won three consecutive Olympic gold medals during which the duo only dropped one set over those three Olympics. Perhaps with another partner the same outcome would have resulted, but who’s to say? It is simply odd that both of the gals would have been featured on the Wheaties box. In the past, entire teams have been featured on Wheaties boxes, so it is doubtful that General Mills has a policy against featuring multiple athletes on one box. Or maybe Walsh Jennings was unavailable or not interested in doing such a thing. Perhaps she’s lactose intolerant and doesn’t enjoy cold cereal or maybe she has a gluten allergy or something. I don’t know.

But if General Mills opted to only feature May-Treanor and leave Walsh Jennings out in the cold? Talk about the ultimate diss. Who know? Maybe Walsh Jennings is holding out for another cereal box. Perhaps she’s more of a Total kind of gal.

UPDATE: Thanks to the intrepid reporting work by Deadspin, it has been discovered that Walsh Jennings has a deal with Kellogg’s. No Total for Kerri, I guess.

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