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Just so you know, Bill Belichick could never become an astronaut

As part of the “Train Like An Astronaut” initiative, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy paid a visit to The Hall at Patriot Place, which is adjacent to Gillette Stadium, to spend some time with some kids. Since he was in the area, Cassidy stopped by Bill Belichick’s press conference on Thursday and his presence elicited some interesting information about the New England Patriots head coach, including why Belichick could never be an astronaut.

After being asked by a reporter if he would he be interested in living on a space station for six months, Belichick and Cassidy participated in an entertaining back and forth. As transcribed by the Boston Herald:

“I don’t like heights,” Belichick laughed. “It would definitely be pretty interesting, floating around there.”

Cassidy, sitting in the first row, interjected, “You can throw a football a really long ways from a space station.”

It turned into a quick back-and-forth.

Belichick: “You can hit a golf ball a long way, too, right?”

Cassidy: “You wouldn’t have the touchback concerns with kickoffs.”

Belichick: “Drive the green?”

Cassidy: “Drive the green. Pin-high, every one.”

Oh, that Belichick. Always such a cad. And even without his response, we should have known Belichick never has aspired to be an astronaut, nor does he want to be one now. Belichick always has been drawn by the dream of making his way out on the high seas and the life of a pirate, of course.

Furthermore, even if he wanted to be an astronaut, it would be an impossibility as it would put Belichick’s life in grave danger. You see, you can’t cut off the sleeves of an astronaut’s suit. That wouldn’t be a good thing at all. For obvious reasons.