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Nightmare Fuel

US soccer team nets historic win over Mexico, likely traumatized by mascot (pic)

Ending a 75-year drought that spanned the previous 24 matches, the United States men’s soccer team finally recorded a victory over Mexico on Mexican soil, winning on Wednesday night 1-0 in a friendly match at Estadio Azteca in┬áSanta Mexico City.

And while I am sure the celebrations lasted well into the night, when the time came to finally retire and get some sleep, I worry that the American soccer players were unable to relax, turn off the lights and get some well-deserved shuteye, in light of that absolutely terrifying mascot you see pictured above.

The horrifying figure goes by the name Kin, and it is the official mascot of the Mexican national soccer team, and it has to be far and above one of the creepiest mascots I ever ever laid eyes on. In fact, I fear for the well-being of the US soccer players, as that mascot looks like something that can impart some bad mojo upon folks who wrong it. Jeepers creepers, that’s some Grade-A nightmare fuel right there, kiddos.

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