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Ryan Lochte’s interview on ‘90210’ set: An exercise in awkward derpness (video)

It appears that US Olympian Ryan Lochte has been bitten by the acting bug — or possibly contracted some strange strain of acting bacterial infection — a courtesy of spending too much time in urine-polluted pools — a sort of pee-based dysentery, if you will.

Lochte was on the set of 90210 for a cameo appearance on an upcoming episode of the show. Not surprisingly, Lochte’s first foray into acting didn’t go all too well at first. Lochte told US Weekly:

“It was my first acting gig and I was a little nervous going on set. I kind of messed up my lines the first couple of takes, but after talking with the cast and them helping me out, I started nailing it towards the end and it felt normal.

“They knew it was my first time, so they wanted to make it as easy as possible.”

Fair enough. Who wouldn’t be nervous appearing on camera with such talented actors and actresses as…um…whoever is on that show. Nevertheless, perhaps Lochte just isn’t cut out for performing outside of a pool, and the pièce de résistance that solidifies that sneaking suspicion is this incredibly awkward interview Lochte did with Access Hollywood:

The money quote, where Lochte explains what the hardest part of his stab at becoming a thespian:

“Memorizing lines…and…trying to like, say them, and still, like, do movement and all that. That was hard.”

Hoo boy. That truly is an exercise in awkward derpness. And yeah, I remember when I acted in a school play way back when, the “do movement” aspect really was the toughest part.

Is it just me, or does the phrase “do movement” sound less like a component of acting and more like a euphemism for going poop? Hmm.

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