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Of course Tom Brady donned a spiked dog collar for magazine photo spread (photos)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was back at his cover boy best for a photo spread and interview in VMAN magazine. Anointed as “America’s Alpha Dog” on the cover of the fall issue of the magazine, a tuxedoed Brady also is paired for some stylish shots with a ferocious-looking Doberman. Growl!

But to balance out the animalistic images, a smattering of Brady’s quotes in the interview are nothing if not touchy feely. A sampling:

  • “I’m very blessed to be able to do that because with my two boys – I kiss them a thousand times a day.”
  • “My wife and I are very affectionate, it’s just part of our nature.”
  • “I want to have four kids and I want to be a really good dad, too.”

Certainly nothing wrong with those quotes, but when they come from someone referred to as “America’s Alpha Dog” on the cover of the same issue of the magazine the interview is in — let alone a rough and tumble NFL player, it comes off a bit incongruous. But hey, kudos to Brady for cutting open a vein. It’s not like he’s got anything to lose. The guy is playing with house money at this point, as the saying goes.

Additional photos from the spread follow.

Ferocious, indeed. And it’s certainly not the first time Brady has posed with a creature from the animal kingdom for a photo shoot. Who can forget the goat?

And while we can all get a bit of a chuckle out of Brady’s affinity for highly-stylized, slightly over-the-top photo spreads, he is in fact married to a model and appears to have a knack for it. But for what it’s worth, I remain most impressed with this particular unplanned, candid pic:

Ha. It really captures Brady being his true, natural self.

Never gets old.

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