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Little Leaguer drilled in the head by pitch, pops right back up (video)

Scary stuff from the Little League World Series. Curacao’s Ceddanne Rafaela was frighteningly drilled in the head by Japanese pitcher  Kotaro Kiyomiya, who, at 13 years old is 6-feet-tall, tips the scales at 206 pounds and reportedly has an 80-mile-per-hour heater in his arsenal of pitches.

Unfortunately, for young Rafaela, he had no chance to avoid it and was on the receiving end of one of Kiyomiya’s errant pitches, as the ball got away from the Japanese hurler and plunked Rafaela right in the head.

But apparently, this Rafaela kid is one tough son of a gun, as he nearly immediately popped right back up, despite the umpire’s efforts to keep him on the ground in case the Little Leaguer was seriously injured.

Yowsers. Kiyomiya appeared quite concerned about his opponent’s well-being, and in a grand display of sportsmanship, even went over and apparently apologized to Rafaela as the youngster bravely took first base. Well done, kid. Let’s hope in the future — specifically, the very near future — this Kiyomiya lad figures out how to gain better command of that wicked heater he can wing up to home plate.

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