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James Harden showcases tearaway beard in new Foot Locker commercial (video)

James Harden’s beard practically has evolved into an entity all its own, free of the trappings of simply being hair on the Oklahoma City Thunder star’s face. It has been the focus of a cake with the main ingredient of nightmare fuel, it’s been captured in blackberries on a James Harden pineapple head, the topic of a beard forecast and it has adorned a building in Oklahoma City. Crap, without that beard, how likely would it have been that this guy would have gotten a James Harden tattoo? Not bloody likely.

Which makes this new commercial from Foot Locker so amusing, as it demonstrates the power and invincibility of said beard. While attempting to put some mustard on a hot dog, Harden’s Thunder teammate accidentally squirts some of the condiment on Harden’s outfit from Foot Locker. But rest assured, Harden has a backup and all he needs to do is tear away the dirtied duds and lo and behold, he has another clean outfit underneath.

This intrigues Westbrook, so his next move is to squirt a little mustard on the legendary beard. Undeterred, Harden simply tears away the beard soiled by the mustard and a clean beard springs forth.

So, in a way, because of the constantly re-emerging facial hair, it seems that no matter what Harden ever does, he and the beard will forever be inextricably joined, never to be separated from the other. Kinda creepy when you think about it.