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Arizona teen launches Facebook campaign to score birthday date with Tim Tebow (vid)

Jenn Baluch, a 19-year-old Arizona girl, has launched a Facebook campaign with the sole purpose of somehow gaining the attention of  Tim Tebow in order to secure what she calls “a dream date” with the New York Jets quarterback for her 20th birthday next May.

The Facebook page, Get JENN BALUCH a date with Tim Tebow!, currently has just under 300 members but with a report on her quest on a local news broadcast (below) as well as appearances on local radio, Baluch hopes that her attempt to utilize the powers of social media will prove successful and eventually that Tebow himself will catch wind of her Facebook campaign.

Baluch says that she is so desperate to land a date with Tebow because  “He’s everything I want in a guy,” adding, “He’s like a girl’s dream guy.” There you go.

Obviously, this isn’t the first instance of some person attempting to harness the interweb’s power to score a date with a celebrity, nor is it the first time some young lady took her obsession with Tim Tebow perhaps a bit too far, but I guess if a young lady has a dream, no matter how ridiculous it appears to everybody else, she might as well go ahead and pursue with gusto, purpose and yes, some desperation. All I hope is that this story does not with Baluch telling Tebow she will not be ignored and a pot on a stove containing one boiled pet bunny. That wouldn’t be good for anyone, especially the bunny.

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